Facial Peels

Gentle Chamomile Peel (60 minutes)

Renew sensitive skin without irritation with lactic and mandelic acids. Chamomile refreshes, calendula moisturizes and soothes the look of redness, and the arnica flower reduces the appearance of inflammation. Reveal a calm, balanced and more luminous complexion with this peel solution that is mild enough to use on sensitive skin.

Brightening Acai Peel (60 minutes)

Improves your skin’s look, texture and feel in a matter of minutes. It provides instant radiant results for most skin types, addressing photo damage concerns and unwanted pigment changes in the skin. It also provides superficial exfoliation with little to no down-time. It leaves you with tighter. smoother, brighter looking skin after just one treatment.

Rejuvenating Medical Grade Glycolic Peel (60 minutes)

Resurfaces and clarifies skin texture, minimizes fine lines, fades the appearance of an uneven complexion or hyper-pigmentation and assists in resolving and healing acne.