July 2017

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As a daughter of Eastern Medicine, surrounded by Western methodology, the tension between the two practices is becoming increasingly audible. While Western Medicine is based on chemical-based medications and invasive procedures, Eastern Medicine vouches for non-invasive means through herbal medicines and mindfulness. Acupuncture is a prime example of this difference; central to the East but non-existent in the West. The Eastern take on acupuncture delves into our chi (energy) flowing through our meridians (energy channels). In this ideology, all health issues are rooted in an imbalanced chi, and acupoints aid in rerouting and correcting one’s off-chi. Because


Being overweight and being obese have the same unfair negative connotation. While obesity is based on an excess of body fat regardless of weight, overweightness is primarily based on a population average for heights and body frame sizes. The bottom line? Stepping on the scale every morning to check your weight isn’t an accurate marker of gaining or losing weight. Dr. Jean-Pierre (JP) at Hudson Medical agrees. “If the options are check on a scale for your weight which fluctuates based on what you eat, how much you sweat, stuff like that, versus an actual measurement of the amount of fat you